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NRWCA Task force For COVID-19

NWRCA Task Force is currently working on procedures that will effect you as a contractor.  We know this can be a very confusing time for all of us. The unknow may be stressful to some of you. Just understand that all agency’s are working together to have a plan of attack for contractors. We will do our best to keep you updated as things come in. NRWCA has spent the last 4 days in meetings to gather information and questions you all have. We will be submitting a letter of recommendations on behalf of all you. we are hoping to have some more answers to you this next week. MOU providers are also working to get info out. Please have patience will all of us and know we aren’t forgetting all of you

2020 rt 130/verifications

1.       All 2019 employees that worked for you in 2019 and are coming back in 2020 do not need to complete rt 130 and work capacity test for 2020 if they have the supporting documentation. They will need to have the documentation with them when they go on the assignment.

2.       All new employee’s  for 2020 or did not get any training in 2019 will have to complete rt 130, work capacity test, and get verified.

3.       Working on an answer if folks moved up, will need to get verified

Get more info on COVId-19 page

Breathing heavy wildfire smoke may increase risk of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest

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We are here to support you as a wildfire contractor. If you want a say in how your small Buisness is effected, become a member at our next meeting.. Come join us and learn more about us. Together our voices can be heard.

Northern rockies wildfire contractors association